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Understanding Account Owners, Account Managers and Account Members

The Account Owner has unlimited access to account transactions and information online (My Verizon) and through Customer Service. Account Managers are individuals who have been given permission by the Account Owner to make changes to the account either online or when calling Customer Service. Account Members are all others on the account who register their mobile numbers online.

Why use Alerts?

Alerts keep you informed about important activities on your account. You can set preferences in My Verizon to receive an email or text message when your bill is ready, when changes have been made to your plan or features, when payments have posted and more.

What is My Documents and Receipts?

My Documents and Receipts is a page within My Verizon where your important account documents, receipts and mail-in rebate forms are stored. These documents can be viewed and / or downloaded as PDF files from within My Verizon.



Secret Question. A means of verification required when resetting your password or retrieving your User ID in My Verizon. You’re required to choose a secret question and answer when you sign up.

Billing Password. A password that replaces the last four digits of the Account Owner’s Social Security Number as the primary means of authentication on your account. Also called Billing System Password.

Privacy Settings. You have choices about how we use customer information for certain purposes. See our Privacy Settings page for more information about your privacy options.

Location Privacy Settings. Permission settings enabling an Account Owner to control whether apps have access to the locations of mobile devices on the account.


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